Corporate / Institutional Training


High Performing Team Workshops

The focus of the team workshop is synergy - the ability of a team to outperform even its best individual members.  We look at synergy through the lens of creative cooperation.  A sense of synergy comes by realizing possibilities, integrating all members' resources, and optimally engaging in a culture of collaboration.

Through the High Performing Workshops, you will have an opportunity to examine how team members manage their emotional reactions in order to deter from a silo mentality, examine defensiveness and areas that impede the growth of the team.  You will develop skills to augment communication and trust, understand the stages of team development, and address team challenges.  We will introduce a team "coach approach" in order to produce inspired, shared leadership and enhance the team's capacity to grow into a high performing team.

We will administer diagnostic measures as a means of assessing and formulating a composite of each of the features and components of the team - leadership, productivity, relations, conflict, as well as other features as they are identified.

Corporate / Institutional Training WORKSHOPS: