Corporate / Institutional Training


HPT/WS (6) Executing a Framework For Achieving Tangible, Realistic and Attainable Goals


Are you having difficulty turning your aspirations into clear '’goal statements", persuading team members into buying into these goals and creating challenging goals that engender a sense of accomplishment?

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . identify goals that inspire the members of the team
    . strategies and action plans to achieve short-term goals and long-term goals
    . establish how goals maintain team morale
    . create lead measures that affect goals
    . agreement amongst members as tantamount to team members commitment
    . intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation as infusing motivation
    . consolidate a theory that underpins team goal setting and motivation
(4 CF -Clarity, Challenge, Complexity, Commitment, and Feedback)
 S.M.A.R.T; Backward Goal Setting - work backwards from the end goal
    . goals as idiosyncratically tailored for individual abilities and circumstances
while preserving fairness
    . personality types, character strengths, and roles of each member of the team
    . obstacles that prevent the team from achieving its goals
    . how to manage team ecology (re: complaints)
    . how goals influence organizational culture
    . understand the stages of team development 
    . the cycle of team development as affected by goals

Goals serve as a team'’s blueprint for action and also serves as its energy.  We look forward to working with you to develop epic goals that will drive learning into action.  
Team members will be asked to complete the SWOT analysis and a personality measure.

Instructional Materials will be provided.