In Pursuit of Excellence

Overview of Services

Resonance Executive and Team Coaching offers a suite of services spanning Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Coaching, and Corporate and Institutional Training.

We utilize a Solution Focused coaching approach and at the same time draw on perspectives garnered from leadership and management theory, negotiation, psychology, and education. These are combined with insights acquired from coaching experience. Although we are committed to a collaborative coaching process, we are cognizant at all times that the agenda comes from you.

We encourage clients to reflect on challenges and to formulate solutions that fit for them. Our approach is based on questions, reframing, and clarifying that builds trust and facilitates the exploration of new territories. Our goal is to provide you with a safe space for self-awareness, fulfillment, and success.

Executive Coaching - we recognize the impact that Senior Level Executives have in driving business results and encountering challenges along the way. Positive resolution to these challenges strengthens an executive's presence, confidence, and skills. Executive presence should be pervasive and compelling - being influential, inspirational, and fostering an environment of esprit de corps.

Leadership Development - we engage with the leader to peruse skills, competencies, and knowledge to arrive at areas that can be leveraged and strengthened; the goal being that new behaviors become permanently embedded, promoting sustainable behavioral shifts.

Team Coaching - as teams are the backbone of the organization, it is imperative to the success of the organization that each team is coherent and cohesive. We hone in on the strengths and limitations of team members to determine gaps within the team. We examine the trajectory of the stages of your team by determining the team's level of effectiveness, defining a desired end-goal, and, crafting an action plan to build team alignment in order to function as a high performing team.

CONSULTANCY In addition to our coaching services, we also offer Consultancy Services in order to provide advice and direction for a particular situation in a specific field.

CORPORATE AND INSTITUTIONAL TRAINING According to the International Coach Federation, the main role of a coach is to help the client(s) move from their current comfort zone to recognize their fullest potential by traversing the path of the learning zone. The client hits the learning zone when he is in a state of mindfulness, open to learning, and more confident (ICF - Mining the Magic Zone, posted Dec. 19, 2014).

It is our belief that in order to accelerate the learning curve, as an adjunct to coaching sessions, we offer workshops, seminars, conferences, and the opportunity to be part of a Coaching Circle. As you can see on the tab entitled Corporate/Institutional Training, we offer many workshops, seminars, conferences, speaking engagements, both in-house and externally, to enhance knowledge and expertise and to achieve exponential results. We also offer workshops for Managers and Leaders to advance coaching skills - Manager as Coach and Leader as Coach - in order to generate new possibilities. These workshops will empower managers and leaders to change their behaviors and solidify a "coaching culture" in order to go from "advice-giver" to adapting a "coach language". This will increase focus, engagement, and impact.

BENEFITS OF AN ICF COACH A professional coach who has been credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF), a regulated body, has met the ICF's stringent requirements of coaching. An ICF Credentialed coach has received very specific coach training, has achieved a designated number of experience hours, and has been coached by a mentor coach. Log onto ICF (

  • illuminate blind spots that impede self-concept and self-confidence
  • build strengths-based development and growth
  • identify the importance of an emotionally intelligent workplace
  • successfully move forward through challenges, change, and setbacks
  • improve leadership presence
  • coach managers and leaders to successfully engage employees
  • improve work performance
  • promote a coaching culture that serves as the "glue" of the organization
  • ameliorate team morale and team effectiveness

The International Coach Federation (2005) reported that 67.5% of clients who received coaching reported increased self-awareness, 62% were better able to set goals, 60.5% had more balanced lives, and 57.1% reported lower stress levels. The International Coach Federation (2009) further reported that, "coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes. The vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back."
ICF Global Coaching Client Study, Executive Summary, April 2009, in consultation with PriceWaterhouseCoopers