Corporate / Institutional Training


HPT/WS (3) Creating a Team That Has Optimal Alchemy


Do you want to transform your team into something extraordinary? 

Does your team have purpose-driven goals?

Alchemy is the power or process of turning something ordinary into something special; it's about transformation enabling change.

By looking at the team through a systemic lens, one can examine how team members manage their emotional reactions and interconnected thoughts.  This will help the team to deter from a silo mentality, defensiveness, and areas that impede the growth of the team.

We will work with your team(s) to achieve a sense of synergy by unleashing potential, helping the team to realize endless possibilities, integrate all members' resources and attributes to optimally engage the team in a powerful culture of collaboration.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . leverage team members' strengths
    . discuss how new members are inducted into the team
    . identify different personality traits and how this impacts the team
    . examine team members' emotions and identify reactions
    . reflect on new ways of reacting to emotions
    . recognize different conflict styles and their effect on the team
    . highlight diversity and challenge through an understanding of groupthink
    . listen and name any undercurrents - "elephant in the room"
    . cohere the team to move away from silos
    .   identify the attributes of high-trust cultures and high performance teams
Participants will examine the framework for understanding the development cycle of teams by plotting team phases through Tuckman's theoretical model - forming, norming, storming, performing, and adjourning.

A "coach approach" segment will demonstrate how team members can be supported through communication, coordination, and collaboration.  Experiential hands-on learning will be honed through the use of case studies and scenarios.  A team diagnostic measure will be administered and discussed.

Instructional Materials will be provided.