Corporate / Institutional Training


HPT/WS (1) Optimize Team Characteristics and Personalty Traits


Can your team members identify their dominant personality traits and character strengths so that their communication and ability to gain cooperation is more in flow?In the workplace, it is common to encounter a mix of different personalities, communication issues, and different conflict styles.

How can different personalities be inspired to work together?

This workshop will create an understanding of how to develop a a cohesive team culture and help a team to resolve some of the issues they are facing by enhancing their own self-awareness. The workshop will include administering two measures - a personality profile and a character strengths measure.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . discuss how to leverage character strengths
    . identify key player roles in a team
    . recognize the strengths and trouble spots of a unique player style
    . address characteristics of what makes a good team
    . improve communication
    . learn how to deal with difficult people
    . examine how to deal with conflict situations and determine resolution
    . discuss stages of high evolving teams
    . examine key areas to focus on when moving a team forward
    . focus the team towards excellence
    . should you recognize individual contributions without impeding the progress of the team

This theory-based, experiential workshop will include the administration of two measures -  personality profile and a team diagnostic.  Participants will engage in case studies, exercises, activities, and illustrations to enhance learning.  Team members will also participate in an individual role analysis to create a greater understanding of their own role in relation to the team and within the organization.

Instructional Materials will be provided.