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DR. ZINA SUISSA, Professional Certified Coach Dr. Zina SuissaDr. Zina Suissa is the President and Founder of Resonance Executive and Team Coaching, Inc. As an Executive and Professional Coach, she completed her Solution Focused coach training at the University of Texas at Dallas and is accredited as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation.She has a doctoral degree and training in cognitive-behavioral psychology (Ph.D. Psychology), is a member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ), the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), and the NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI).

Dr. Suissa has continued learning and training in many areas, attaining a Certificate in Human Relations (Concordia University), Certificate in Mediation (Academy of Family Mediation), and a Certificate in Negotiation from Harvard University (Faculty of Law). With a specialization in team development, Dr. Suissa is accredited as a Certified Team Performance Coach™ (CTPC) in order to pinpoint limitations to a team's functionality, to mold a team's behavior to deliver peak performance, and to build teams that excel as high-performing teams in both productivity and positivity.

As an Executive Coach, Dr. Suissa has worked with clients, coaching leaders, managers, teams, and individuals in areas such as leadership, team building, conflict, change management, emotional intelligence, and motivation. She has offered executive coaching workshops at McGill University with regards to Coaching Skills for Managers and Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Teams, as well as creating customized coaching workshops for executives, leaders, and managers. Most recently, she designed a coaching program for Dawson College for students with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She trained professionals to act as Facilitators as a means of coaching students in a group setting. Areas addressed were self-awareness, motivation, emotional intelligence, change, goals/habits, and procrastination.

She is certified and qualified to administer many measures in the workplace, including the Team Diagnostic™, Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey® (TESI®), Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0® and EQ 360®), VIA® Classification of Character Strengths, Conflict Dynamics Profile® (Individual and 360), as well as the Leadership Practices Inventory® and the Leadership Practices Inventory 360®, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Pearman™ Personality Integrator, and the Risk Type Compass™. Dr. Suissa takes into consideration learning style.

Dr. Suissa has taught at all levels of management at McGill University, teaching students at the Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and MBA levels. An Adjunct Professor at McGill University and Coordinator of courses in Organizational Behavior and Managing Organizational Teams, she has been honoured with a Distinguished Teaching Award. Dr. Suissa taught courses for McGill University in James Bay and Sun Life Financial in Montreal. She has also taught courses at the Faculty of Management at Concordia University and for many years was a Faculty member of the Psychology Department at Dawson College.

Bringing many years of significant accomplishments from the fields of leadership and management, executive coaching, psychology, negotiation, and teaching has enabled Dr. Suissa to coach clients in a powerful way and to provide her clients with unique perspectives on their personal and professional development. With an enthusiasm and zest for life, she has been told that she shines in a way that is contagious, encouraging her clients to believe that they can achieve a future as bright as they wish. She has received accolades for her intellectual ability, emotional maturity, intuitiveness, and her ability to motivate others.


HELEN STAVARIS, Consultant Helen StavarisHelen Stavaris is a coach in social and emotional intelligence (ISEI ®) specializing in managing people with an emphasis in multi-modal motivation and gear-shifting leadership. She provides consulting sessions for small, medium and large organizations with a focus on dealing with difficult people.

With her background in business (organizational behaviour, administration, and marketing) Helen has worked for such companies as BCE, Bombardier, Sun Life and Air Miles before she began teaching at Dawson College as a Faculty Member of the Business Administration Department, where she also served as Chairperson and Program Coordinator for several years. Helen has been awarded the Teaching Excellence honour and continues to be nominated for her personable, skillful and inspiring approach to teaching, leading and mentoring. Her Master's in Education placed an emphasis on the variations of online instruction, where Helen developed in-depth skills for understanding individual's motivation for learning and in what way (how) people prefer to learn.

Helen also provides workshops to budding entrepreneurs and small business owners assisting them with gaining an appreciation for the multitude of responsibilities in running a business. She has also been assigned by the College to work on such projects (amid others) as facilitating Human Resource hiring procedures, developing academic programs and reviewing different policies.

Helen exemplifies her philosophy for transformational leadership by means of aiming to understand "what makes people tick". With her knack and aptitude for deciphering complex situations in interpersonal relations, her approach to resolution can be summarized in these few words: "listening, caring and taking action."

BRUCE BLUE, Advisory Council BRUCE BLUEBruce has had an interest in history since his father regaled him with tales of his World War II service in the RCAF. An avid military historian, his areas of expertise include leadership (civil and military), from ancient societies to modern boardrooms, and the impact of different factors on physical and mental resilience.

Studying the great generals of history has given Bruce considerable insight into leadership styles and models - what works, what doesn't, and what may have worked once but is no longer effective.

With his background in education, retail sales, filmmaking, and photography, Bruce has a wide range of life experience to draw upon for the client's needs. His two Bachelor's degrees and his MA in History supplement this practical knowledge with a deep understanding of the contemporary world and the effects of the past upon the present. He has familiarity with conflict and its underlying causes.

Bruce can be described as an authoritative leader with his ability to take control and his innate ability to care and be present for others.