In Pursuit of Excellence

Vision, Mission & Values

OUR VISION To unleash potential in executives, leaders, teams, and employees in order to maximize strategic focus, productivity, and results-driven performance. To infuse an organization with resilience, resonance, and vision.
OUR MISSION To optimize personal and organizational growth and development. We invest in creating strong relationships, honed leadership skills, and high performing teams. We achieve this through delivery of customized professional services to our clients.
OUR VALUES We value professionalism, authenticity, honesty, integrity, and mutual trust. We adhere to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics
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OUR METHODOLOGY We take a Solution Focused coaching approach where both coach and client(s) identify strengths and weaknesses, establish clear objectives, and formulate action plans.

We engender a high level of support so that our clients find their own solutions by tapping into their own resources. At the same time we recognize the need to engage, as needed, a directive approach to facilitate achieving solutions.
COACHES AND CONSULTANTS Resonance Executive and Team Coaching works with a group of dynamic coaches and consultants with diverse backgrounds to help you achieve your goals and sustain the success that you desire.
ADVISORY COUNCIL In addition to our coaches and consultants, we also draw on the expertise of an advisory council that will expand and enhance your thinking.