Corporate / Institutional Training


HPT/WS (4) Building Bridges in Face of Team Conflict


As leader, what is your role in addressing team conflict?

Do you wait too long to intervene? How do you recognize the first signs of conflict?

Conflict in a team can result in power struggles, differences in opinion on important areas, differing personalities, conflicting values, and a demonstration of different priorities.  Conflict, when managed effectively, can lead to enhanced work relationships and work outcomes.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    .   identify different types of conflict and how they manifest in the team
    . recognize reasons why team members struggle with conflict
    . awareness of emotional cues and triggers
    . understand the process of conflict strategies
    . reflect on attitudes to adopt to alleviate conflict
    . highlight diversity and the challenge of Groupthink and Groupshift
    . demonstrate coaching skills for conflict management
    . describe how a team leader can manage conflict within a team
    . leverage potential conflict situations as opportunities for critical conversations 
that enhance work relationships
    . importance of trust as a key to creating the right climate in the team
    . components for building conflict competent teams

The workshop will adopt both a theoretical component and a experiential component.  Participants will assess their team climate and their team communication.  A team foundations worksheet will be integrated to examine team goals, team roles, team values, and team norms.  Participants will also complete a conflict diagnostic measure in order to assess their own conflict style.

Instructional Materials will be provided.