Corporate / Institutional Training


Workshop Series

The most effective organizations are learning organizations.  The onus is on the organization to create a culture that promotes and supports learning.  The Workshop Series represents concentrated courses that weave in theory, application, and experiential learning.

Each of the programs have been designed to be both compelling and informative.  Our goals for the Workshop Series are to:

  . develop new paradigms
   . implement new practices
   . instill a new mindset
   . design organizational interventions and practices

The workshops range from leadership, team building, organizational behavior, to areas that will enhance self-awareness, such as personality, grit, and growth mindset.

In each of the following Workshop Series, you will find an Overview, Key Content and Learning Outcomes, and number of days for each of the Workshop Series.
The number of days for each of the Workshop Series vary due to the content of the program.

Corporate / Institutional Training WORKSHOPS: