Corporate / Institutional Training


WS/S (4) Leadership and Team Building

Workshop Series: 5 Weeks (1 Day Per Week)

Do you feel that you possess the skills to lead synergistic, successful teams?

Leadership and Team Building is a series of 1 day workshops (over the course of 5 weeks) that will help you hone the skills needed for an effective team - starting with examining dimensions of an effective team, leadership, understanding stages of team development, roles of team members, areas where your team may be "stuck", dealing with team conflict, creating a motivated team climate, and dealing with performance issues.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . structural components of a team
    . power and the role of leader; determining leadership style
    . team stages and how to manage each stage
    . engaging team members - diversity as a key component of teams
    . how to deal with difficult team members
    . evaluating team members (collectively)
    . capitalize on personalities and character strengths to move team forward
    . dealing with change - adapting to transitions and change
    . communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)
    . remediate with constructive conflict
    . key levels of power (power bases) - contingent on the situation
    . leverage emotional intelligence to build credibility and trust
    . employee employee strategies
    . collective problem solving (difference between collaborative and competitive
problem solving; appreciative inquiry model

The Workshop Series will consist of theoretical models, case studies, activities, and case scenarios.  It will also include an experiential component to improve performance and teamwork.

The team will work on a team agreement in order to facilitate a team vision and values.  Throughout the series, coaching will be demonstrated to enhance team dynamics.

A Team Diagnostic measure will be administered and reviewed to examine the various components and relations of leadership and team building.  An emotional intelligence measure will be administered and discussed with attendees.

Workshop Series: 5 Weeks (1 day per week)

Leadership Material will be provided.