Corporate / Institutional Training


WS/S (3) Leadership at Work: Engaging Enthusiasm for Innovation and Change

Workshop Series: 5 Weeks (1 Day Per Week)

Do you realize that leadership is at its very core a relationship that engages people in the service of noble goals? That relationship shows up in every role that you assume as a leader.

Leadership at Work is a series of 1 day workshops (over a course of 5 weeks) that focuses on fundamental roles and attributes of great leaders: the self, communicator of direction, the champion of innovation and change, the coach of talent, and the collaborator and alliance builder.  In order to create psychological safety, trust is the key to integrity as well as leading with meaning.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    .  optimizing each of the fundamental roles of great leaders
    . learn how to balance "task" with "social-emotive" behaviors
    . recognize the importance of being inclusive by being an authentic leader
    . leading with emotional intelligence
    . practice effective communication to build relationships and influence others
    . know when and how to use motivators - rewards/recognition
    . understand personality type and how it ameliorates or impedes work relationships
    . awareness of your conflict strategy and how it impacts others
    . problem solving and decision making/appreciative inquiry
    . identify the merits of transformational leadership
    . create a high-engagement culture by encouraging input and initiative
    . leverage engagement by creating conditions of deeper purpose and meaning

The 5-day Workshop Series will integrate a theoretical component and administration of several measures.  We will discuss the Five Practices and Ten Commitments of Exemplary Leaders (Kouzes & Posner, Leadership Challenge, 2012).

Pat Lencioni'ís "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team"will provide an understanding of trust, commitment, and engagement, as a means of enhancing leadership and to better engage teams.  We will also administer the Team Diagnostics (Team Coaching International) as a means of understand the leadership role in relation to the team and the organization.  We will engender a coach approach so that you will become familiar with a new way to address your subordinates and team.

Workshop Series:  5 weeks (1 day per week)

Instructional Material will be provided.