Corporate / Institutional Training


WS/S (6) Positive Organizational Behavior (POB) and Psychological Capital

Customized Workshop Series: 6 to 8 weeks (1 day per week)

What are the conditions that create a positive work life and performance?

Positive Organizational Behavior (POB) is the "study and application of positively-oriented human resource strengths and psychological capacities that can be measured, developed, and effectively managed for performance improvement." (Fred Luthans, Professor of Management, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Dr. Zina Suissa, PCC, CTPC for many years has taught at all levels of management at McGill University - certificate, undergraduate, graduate diploma, and M.B.A.
She has been applauded for her teaching skills with a Distinguished Teaching award.  Through her expertise in the areas of Organizational Behavior and Managing Organizational Teams, she will demonstrate the key elements of Positive Organizational Behavior (POB) in order to develop participant'ís self-awareness and hone in on specific behaviors and skills, ultimately, to strive for excellence in the workplace.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . self-efficacy as the belief that one has the capabilities to execute the actions required to 
manage prospective situations
    . hope as a motivational state based on a derived sense of success
    . optimism as the expectancy of positive outcomes and/or positive causal attributions
    . resiliency as the capacity to rebound from adversity and conflict

We will demonstrate how focusing on people'ís strengths, rather than weaknesses, will ameliorate and enhance a sense of competence.

Self-efficacy, hope, optimism, and resilience are each "states" that can be learned and developed.

In addition to the above, key concepts of Organizational Behavior and Managing Organizational Teams will be integrated - perception, learning, personality, motivation, emotions, and team building.  This workshop series will increase attendee'ís awareness of his/her own talents and strengths.

Through the use of readings, case studies, case scenarios, as well as diagnostic measures, attendees will have an opportunity to increase their own awareness of the fundamentals of leading, managing, and collaborating with others in the workplace.

Customized Workshop Series: 6 to 8 weeks (1 day per week)

Instructional Material will be provided.