Corporate / Institutional Training


WS/S (2) Leading with Grit: Fostering True Grit and Mental Toughness in the Workplace (Part II)


Do you feel that you have the perseverance required to succeed?

Did you know that there is one personal quality shared by leaders that leads to success.
According to Angela Duckworth (Researcher and Author, University of Pennsylvania), "Grit is the perseverance and passion to achieve long-term goals. It entails working consistently toward challenges and being able to maintain interest and effort over the years despite failures."

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . accurately assess employee strengths and limitations
    . how to use your strengths to become more resonant and resilient
    . identify interventions to align these strengths with the roles that are needed
    . develop strategies and tactics to help individuals perform under pressure and adversity
    . rely on intuition as a complement to rational decision-making
    . improve employee morale and a better working environment
    . reduce blame and fear in the workplace in order to create a fertile environment that
encourages best effort
    . help employees cultivate grit and the determination they need to flourish
    . engage employees to foster grit in their daily work by encouraging a growth mindset

In this workshop, we will examine the work of Teresa Amabile (The Progress Principle) and discuss the factors that motivate people to work hard.  We will also administer a motivation scale.  Participants will work on key scenarios on which they will provide suggestions on how one can develop resilience, drive, grit, tenacity, and mental hardiness in order to spur motivation.

Added to the above, our goal is to help you to integrate some coaching skills in order to relate to your employees in a more mindful, resourceful way.

Instructional Material will be provided.