Corporate / Institutional Training


WS/S (5) Team Development Series: Developing Team Synergy

Customized Workshop Series: 6 to 8 weeks (1 day per week)

According to Richard Hackman (Harvard Professor in Social and Organizational Psychology), "about half of the leading edge companies now deploy most of their employees in self-organizing teams, many of them with remarkable results."  Teams realize their potential by bringing together complementary skills that exceed those of any individual member, ultimately that results in a synergistic team.

To create a high performance team, in collaboration with you, we will customize a series of six to eight sessions in order to evaluate your team and to improve team function.

Creating high-performing teams is an exciting, challenging endeavour.  In order to build a sustainable team, a coaching culture will empower a team to resonate as a dynamic organism.  A team should present as a synergistic system and as issues arise, team coaching can be used to catalyze an average team to become stars.

By implementing a team diagnostic, we will be more able to create a team profile.  We will also administer a personality profile measure for all members of the team.  Then, we will work in areas, such as -

. team agreement
. defining an effective team
. personality styles and their advantages and disadvantages
. leadership styles and the effect on the team
.   team values
. evolution of team stages
. team communication
. team motivation
. resolution of conflict; conflict strategies
short-term and long-term goals
. reliability and trust in the team
. increasing creativity and brainstorming
. political quotient (PQ)

The series will offer you the opportunity to recommit to a new vision and to raise the collective bar towards desired outcomes.

Aside from examining team dimensions and team dynamics, participants will have the opportunity to understand the practicalities of team coaching and assimilate team coaching techniques by "learning by doing."  In this workshop series, we will integrate theoretical models, case studies, activities, and scenarios. As well, diagnostic measures will be administered and reviewed.

Customized Workshop Series: 6 to 8 weeks (1 day per week)

Instructional Material will be provided.