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Addressing Self-Defeating Behavior

Dr. Mark Goulston is a prominent psychiatrist and consultant to major organizations. His unique background has made him indispensible and a sought-after resource and change facilitator to Fortune 500 companies, government institutions, and parent-teacher associations.

Dr. Goulston is also a suicide prevention expert. As an adjunct to our interview, I invite viewers to read his article in Psychology Today - Breaking Through a Suicidal Mind. He ends off the article with a profound statement, "Pain is pain; suffering is feeling alone in pain. When you eliminate the aloneness, suffering that people can't live with becomes pain they can."

In this inspirational interview, Mark with great humility speaks about his own life (which could be many of ours). I asked him to define a "self-defeating behavior" from which the interview progresses to a discussion about the root of self-defeating behaviors. As an example of a self-defeating behavior, Mark speaks about holding grudges.

In our interview, Mark intimates what he believes is the key to happiness. You need to listen to the interview to find out what Mark believes to be the key to happiness.