The Values-Driven Organization

Richard Barrett is considered as one of the most profound thinkers of our day (Ruth N. Steinholtz, Founder, AreteWork LLP - international values-based business ethics advisor)

Richard is a prolific author who has written books about leadership, leadership development, values, consciousness as well as cultural evolution in business and society. Richard created an assessment instrument (based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs and models of higher consciousness) in order to map individuals, organizations, communities, and, nations to the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model.

In our interview, Richard, relates why values are so important to an organization. This led to his discussing his research with thousands of organizations from which he derived distinct values not only important to humanity but to organizations.

Richard explains the importance of an organization that has a culture that embeds leadership that is value-based. We then segued to an area that he outlines in his book - Evolutionary Coaching - different modes of decision-making. With examples, Richard went through each of the decision-making styles.