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The Generations in the Workplace

Judy Feld is a highly regarded Executive Coach whose professional credentials and leadership place her at the top of the coaching profession. She coaches entrepreneurs, executives, scientists, and business teams all over the world. She is an expert in the area of the generations in the workplace trying to understand how the generations impact organizations. Judy is the co-founder of the Executive and Professional Coaching program at the University of Texas at Dallas of which I am a graduate. Judy has received the Circle of Distinction award, an award that celebrates the best in coaching. In our interview on the Generations in the Workplace, Judy provides us with an overview of each of the generations in the workplace. She also elaborates on the traits and values representative of each of the generations. With coaching becoming so prevalent in the workplace, Judy outlines for us which of the generations are amenable to coaching. She further explains how we can coach each of the generations so that we can utilize their differences to the benefit of the organization. Judy delves into the challenges that leaders and teams face in relation to the generations. She finally highlights for the viewer how we can coach leaders (considering the generations gap) so that it creates greater employee engagement and employee satisfaction.