Corporate / Institutional Training


IN/PSS (13) Is it Just Enough to Satisfice or Do We Need to Optimize in the Decision-Making Process


How can you maintain clarity when making difficult decisions?
What advice do you give yourself when making a decision?
Are you a procrastinator, accommodator, impulsive, overconfident or do you have the belief - no pain, no gain?

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . differentiate between satisficing andoptimizing
    . common errors and biases that we all have, including the inertia bias
    . identify how you leverage your own decision-making style
    . how to attain clarity in decision making
    . examine hurdles to clarity and measure the attainment of the clarity state
    . identify decision heuristics
    . clarify decision constraints
    . impact of the phenomena of groupthink and groupshift on decision making
    . can we ignore emotions and attachment in defining decisions
    . create a decision map
    . key to mastering decision making
    . does intuition have a place in the decision making process?
    . challenge your instincts and use your gut to make better decisions
    . improve intuitive decision making through pattern recognition, action response, and analysis
    . harmonize intuition and analysis

In the workshop, we will examine the benefits of satisficing versus optimizing.  
We will also work on improving intuitive decisions by examining principles of intuitive intelligence and how it relates to decisions making.

Instructional Materials will be provided.