Corporate / Institutional Training


IN/PSS (11) Power of Influence and Persuasion


Are you aware of how to influence without manipulation?  How can you get others to make the right decisions?

The ability to influence others is the determining factor for success.  Persuading others involves establishing credibility, common goals, emotional connectedness, and trust. Having an impact on others calls for effective communication skills as well as the knowledge to navigate in a corporate environment, being able to motivate, understand the needs of others, and a belief in participative decision making.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . differentiate between influence, persuasion, and, manipulation
    . sources of power and their impact on influence
    . leverage your strongest power base to influence others
    . how to draw out what motivates others
    . using assertiveness skills to your benefit
    . importance of empowerment - three main action areas
    . empower your own thinking by examining your own beliefs and values
    .  communication style in helping or hindering influence goals
    . being sensitive to cues in addressing emotions
    . how to be influential and manage aggression
    . using effective conflict resolution strategies, map your conflict resolution style
    . framing difficult issues in ways that promote collaboration
    . craft compelling messages that inspire, influence, persuade, and motivate

This workshop will hone your ability to influence and persuade others through testing your own approach, deriving feedback, and evaluating your strengths.  The blend of theory and practice will help you to build confidence and personal power.

We will integrate an understanding of Robert Cialdini'ís 6 principles of ethical influence and learn several ways to be more influential. 

Instructional Materials will be provided.