Corporate / Institutional Training


IN/PSS (8) Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence


Are you aware of the merit of having a work environment that values emotional intelligence?
What are the links between emotional intelligence and performance?

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) helps us to navigate the world, however, we need Emotional Intelligence (EI) in order to harness the power to understand ourselves, overcome challenges, and build strong relationships.  Research has shown that close to 90% of leadership success is attributable to emotional intelligence.  Emotional Intelligence has been linked to self-esteem, self-awareness, empathy, compassion, adaptability, and building teams.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . understand the power of emotional intelligence (EI)
    . explore the building blocks of emotional intelligence competencies
    . examine how you fit into the construct of emotional intelligence
    . personality patterns and emotional intelligence
    . cultivate empathy or the ability to understand the emotional makeup of other
people and respond according to their emotional reactions
    . learn how to work on the task at hand and envision your goals in order to
build emotional intelligence competencies
    . facilitate strategic advantage with the dimensions of emotional intelligence
    . work through situations to increase personal and organizational effectiveness
    . explore how to use emotional intelligence to bounce back from setbacks
    . discern how emotionally intelligent individuals deal with toxic people

This workshop will examine each of the sub-groups of emotional intelligence: perception, appraisal,
and expression of emotion, emotional facilitation of thinking, understanding and analyzing emotions,
and reflective regulation of emotions to promote emotional and intellectual growth.

Through an experiential approach, it is our goal to help you to create self-awareness and provide you
with tools to break out of old patterns and, therein, learn new behaviors in order to gain self-mastery.
A standardized EI assessment will be administered.

Instructional Material will be provided.