Corporate / Institutional Training


IN/PSS (6) Dealing with Conflict and Adversity in the Workplace


Have you ever thought that you or your employees need to get a grip on prevailing emotions when dealing with adversity and conflict in the workplace?

Conflict is inevitable - from simple disagreements to attempts to be dominant, conflict will occur.  Not knowing how to handle conflict will result in unresolved consequences at a considerable cost to the organization.

Cooperation, knowledge of coping strategies, and a willingness to interact effectively are the skills required to create a culture of respect.  Cooperation and collaboration will enhance employee morale, increase productivity, and create open communication.

This workshop will help you look at yourselves in a "moment of truth" in order to break out of roles based on past conditioning.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    .   examine the root causes of conflict
    .   garner invaluable insights into the nature of workplace conflict
    .   become aware of emotional triggers in order to realize that there is a choice to get
out of a reactionary role
    .   identify preferred strategies (conflict management styles) for dealing with conflict
    .   distinguish the best ways to deal with difficult situations without resorting to emotions,
such as anger and defensiveness
    .   cultivate the ability to facilitate confrontation and reconciliation 
    .   know your weaknesses but leverage your strengths in conflict situations
    .   practice collaboration skills to create a culture of respect and open communication
    .   illuminate how the "coach approach" can assist conflicting parties to develop an 
understanding and generate strategies to manage conflict

Dr. Zina Suissa, PCC, CTPC is a certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile and will administer the profile to participants in order to discern one'ís conflict competence
This interactive workshop will make use of real-life conflict scenarios for discussion and resolution.

Instructional Material will be provided.