Corporate / Institutional Training


IN/PSS (4) Managing the Complexity of Change


Do you feel that change can be disruptive and disorienting?
What is driving the resistance to change?  Is it drawn from a state of fear or lack of expertise?  How can you objectively help an employee with their reactions to change and their ability to hone in on the personality style needed to formulate change?

Change brings about challenges but it also creates tremendous opportunities.
How do you increase the ability of an organization to prosper and recalibrate during the change process?

Key Content and Learning Outcomes
    . understand change and the transition process, including the personal and corporate 
impacts of change
    .   insight into the different theories and phases of change
    .   define readiness for change and examine effective strategies for dealing with resistance
    .   examine your own emotions and reactions to change
    .   gain insight into emotional intelligence to support people'ís concerns
    .   reflect on your personal role as change agent
    . consider key skills that accelerate change - hardiness, commitment, challenge, control,  
and connection
    .   retrain your psychological immunity to change
    .   gain respect for personality style and how differently people deal with change
    . develop insight and tools for dealing effectively with the challenges of growth and change 
in the workplace
This experiential workshop will provide insight into the change process, the phases of change, and the impact of change on different personalities.

With a theoretical underpinning and the use of engaging exercises, attendees will enhance their ability to go from "victim of change" to becoming a "change agent."  The coaching element of the workshop will be focused on support and building on change talk.  An analysis of personality type and a risk measure will be administered and discussed.

Instructional Material will be provided.