Corporate / Institutional Training


IN/PSS (2) Corporate Anger Management Workshops


Are you aware of the costs and effects of workplace anger?
Let us help you remediate the cycle of destructive expression.

We offer Anger Management Workshops for any level of the organization in order to provide the tools necessary to engage employees more effectively.
Anger Management Training will provide cost savings to your organization, reduce tension and friction, and improve employee morale.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes
    .   understand the physiology of anger and the stress response
    .   identify anger triggers (hot buttons)
    .   evaluate how anger affects our perception
    .   discover how frustration leads to aggression as mediated through anger
    .   review the Anger Flow Chart
    .   recognize assertive, aggressive, and passive responses to anger
    .   discern your own response to anger - express/explode, suppress, defuse, or transform
    .   express anger constructively
    .   emotional intelligence as a critical factor in anger management
    .   effective communication to defuse anger
    .   learn how to redirect your energy to effectuate resolution
    .   minimize defensive reactions in others
    .   3 Cs of Anger - Calm, Conquer, and Convert your anger

Now that you can deal with your own anger, how do you deal with the anger of others?

With the use of case studies and live situations, you will hone in on what triggers anger and how to constructively remediate anger when it presents itself.

Instructional Materials will be provided.