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IN/PSS (1) Vicious Cycle of the 3 P's: Analysis Paralysis, Procrastination, and Perfectionism


How can you alleviate the vicious triad: analysis paralysis, procrastination, and perfectionism?
Are you in a climate of psychological safety in which you are allowed to make mistakes and where there is acceptance of human fallibility?
        "The important work of moving the world does not wait to be done by perfect men."

George Eliot

If you or your employees have fallen victim to the vicious triad, this workshop will prove most beneficial in bringing to the fore what drives these thoughts, how they prove counterproductive, and how to preclude these temptations in order to enhance decision making, performance, and productivity.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes
    .   examine what holds these fears in place
    .   challenge your assumptions so that you will be able to "envision" new approaches
    .   explore the effects of overthinking and anticipating
    .   recognize the perils of perfectionism versus being driven by a healthy pursuit of excellence
    .   find ways to step out of your comfort zone and embrace a new way of being
    .   push the boundaries of possibility in order to enhance your "courage zone"
    .   understand the effects of psychological reactance

This workshop will hone in on three key takeaways 
Eliminate the Purgatory of Analysis Paralysis
Slay the Dragon of Procrastination
Defuse the Perfectionist'ís Script for Self-Defeat

Instructional Materials will be provided.