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CSO (7) Coaching for Grit and Growth Mindset Will Predict Workplace Success


How can you sustain effort and interest even when it is evident that progress is halting?

How does grit and growth mindset matter in the workplace?

As posited by Pierre Battah (CBC News), "employees have long looked for the grail of predictors of exceptional performance." Although intelligent quotient (IQ), emotional intelligence (EI), upbringing, and charisma have been touted as the attributes for success, through the work of Angela Duckworth (2005), it has been shown that it is more one'ís passion for achieving long-term objectives and tenacity and perseverance for overcoming obstacles that get in the way that may be the factor that will predict workplace success.  In her research, Duckworth isolated Grit as a non-cognitive trait that is based on an individual'ís passion for a particular long-term goal or end state, couples with a powerful motivation to achieve their objective.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . understand what is grit
    . examine factors that foster grit in the workplace
    . creating stretch goals and encouraging people to reach out of their comfort zones
    . engaging a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset
    . instinct in the propensity to pursue the right goals
    . how goal realization with intention and tenacity propels you across the finish line
    . develop strategies and tactics to help individuals perform under pressure
    . self-determination and self-regulation in relation to grit
    . the role of mindfulness in cultivating grit
    . the role of the willpower instinct

Our unique GRIT and GROWTH MINDSET program offers individuals and their organization the ability to enhance workplace resilience.  By coaching for courage, 
long-term goals and endurance, resilience, optimism, confidence, and creativity, excellence versus perfection, behavior modification, and managing stress, organizations will be more adept at accelerating resilience, grit, and growth mindset.

The Coaching for Grit and Growth Mindset workshop will include administration of diagnostic measures, questionnaires, and working individually and in groups on projects that will demonstrate their own thinking and behavior.

Instructional Materials will be provided.