Corporate / Institutional Training


CSO(6) Coaching for Peak Performance


Our Coaching for Performance workshop has been designed to help managers/leaders develop employees performance skills.  Coaching for Performance has been identified as a key driver for developing and enhancing the performance of employees.  The workshop will also help you to create an awareness of your own personal style of leadership as well as equipping you with the skills and tools of coaching.

The workshop will utilize the Solutions Focus Coaching model ad the GROW Coaching framework (Goal, Reality, Options, Will/Way Forward).  You will leave the Coaching for Peak Performance workshop with new ideas for structuring coaching discussions at work.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    .   understand the principles of motivation and coaching to increase employee performance
    . provide you with a framework for coaching that stimulates high performance
    . demonstrate core coaching techniques (including communication skills)
    . learn how to effectively develop the competence and confidence of employees
    . develop core principles of collaborative conversation
    . energize employees and help them to develop competence, trust and confidence
    . learn how to manage confrontation and conflict
    . work on the processes for confronting people who need to change their behavior and/or 
improve their performance
    . understand the impact of learning style (Bloom'ís Taxonomy) and unconscious/conscious 

The aim of the Coaching for Performance Workshop is twofold: to provide leaders and managers with the tools to influence and to help cultivate their power to influence and affect change.  

The Coaching for Peak Performance Workshop consolidates three (3) phases: (1) Understanding the Guiding Principles of Coaching, (2) Integrating Process, and,
(3) Practicing Authentic, Purpose-Driven Coaching for Peak Performance.

This highly interactive workshop will give you the skills and strategies you need to achieve better results in order to reach your organizational performance goals.

Diagnostic measures will be administered and reviewed with participants.

Instructional Materials will be provided.