Corporate / Institutional Training


CSO (4) Coaching the Generations in the Workplace by Retiring the Generation Gap


Do you know that for the first time in history, there are several distinct generations working side by side in the workplace?

Having different values, attitudes, beliefs, work ethic and communication has created conflict and a spirit of intolerance in the business world.  Through a "coach approach", we will promote a greater understanding of the generations, identify the common drivers and value systems that will enhance greater motivation and performance in the workplace.

The Coaching the Generations in the Workplace workshop will examine generational biases and myths and how this may need to change when managing and coaching different generations working together.  Leadership includes the skills, knowledge, and awareness for leading a culturally diverse workforce.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . learn to distinguish between real generational differences and stereotypes
    . understand and respect generational differences and commonalities
    . examine why generational knowledge is important and has the potential to have
organizational impact
    . recognize when conflict may erupt in the workplace and develop strategies to overcome
potential generational gaps
    . identify how generational differences affect communication and teamwork
    . turn negative stereotypes into positive working relationships
    . reflect on the strengths and differences of each of the generations
    . learn to provide timely and specific feedback
    . engender the type of coaching that works best with each generation

The 2-day coaching workshop will provide not only provide a theoretical viewpoint but also examine how coaching can help us to understand each generation.  We will develop coaching questions to ameliorate the merit of each generation.

The "coach approach" will accommodate each of the generations and recognize each generation as unique.  It is our objective that through this workshop you will adapt a new mindset to the different generations, to increase productivity, and, thereby, improve the work climate.

Questionnaires and case studies and scenarios will be integrated.
Instructional Materials will be provided.