Corporate / Institutional Training


CSO (3) Coaching Skills for Resonant High-Performing Teams

3 Weeks (1 day per week)

Do you know what drives each member of your team?  Do you know how to build connections between each person'ís work ad the organization'ís strategic objectives?

Team coaching is a process that creates high-performing, sustainable, and inspired teams.  A successful team performs and produces collective results, develops higher levels of team trust, respect, commitment, initiative, and empowerment.

This Coaching Skills for Resonant High-Performing Teams workshop will help you to engage in coaching conversations with your team members so that it will enhance accountability, build stronger bonds between team members, promote mindfulness (capacity to see new options), deepen relatedness, build a motivated team climate, and create a stronger sense of identity.

The workshop will be conducted over three weeks, one day per week.  The purpose of the latter is to administer and debrief several diagnostic measures - the Team Diagnostic Assessment which measures Productivity strengths (resources alignment, goals/strategies, leadership, accountability, proactivity, and decision-making) and the seven Positivity strengths (trust, constructive interaction, optimism, respect, communication, camaraderie, and democracy).  The Team Diagnostic Assessment will produce an understanding of team members strengths and weaknesses in relation to team coherence. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to complete a personality profile and conflict strategy assessment.  All the latter will be reviewed and discussed with the team members.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . understand how to enhance resonance and inclusivity within the team
    .   individual and collective self-discovery and learning
    . bring together complementary skills in your team sothat they exceed those of the 
individual members, and, thus, create synergy
    . improve collaboration, which will increase motivation, effort, and productivity
    . leverage diversity, resources, and skill-sets in the team
    . enhance team'ís ability to adapt to transitions and change
    . decipher team members strengths and weaknesses in order to foster those team
behaviors that generate success and address those that impede the progress of the team
    . identify personality styles 
    . identify conflict styles and their impact on the team
    . remediate conflict within the team
    . confront difficult conversations
    . adapt various questions and techniques to challenge employees towards a growth mindset

Instructional Materials will be provided.