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CSO (1) Coaching Skills for Resonant Managers: Bringing Out the Best in Others


As more organizations adopt a coaching culture, the need for expertise in coaching grows.  Coaching recognizes the inherent potential of people and as a collaborative process widens the sphere of intellect and impacts the learning process.  By using a "coach approach", managers shift from being directive and controlling to coaching for exceptional performance and results.

Managers who are effectively involved in the growth and development of their employees make behavior changes happen.  The manager, with a coaching mindset, builds a work environment that guides employees to achieve higher levels of skills, increased engagement, and promotes personal development.

In this Coaching Skills for Resonant Managers workshop, we will help you to embrace the coaching model in order to coach others in long-term behavior change, deal more effectively with conflict, build stretch goals, effectively develop the confidence of employees - all to build an engaged, resonant workforce.

Key Content and Outcomes

    . demonstrate self-empowerment as a key component in embedding coaching
into the culture of the organization
    . leverage employees' strengths in order to improve opportunities for growth
    . awareness of personality style and conflict style
    . set and communicate appropriate goals/expectations when coaching employees
    . provide constructive feedback in a way that motivates and leads to positive change
    . learn "what to say" and "how to say it" when providing feedback to staff

Key Areas That Will Be Covered -

    . What is coaching?
    . Process of coaching in the workplace: Solution-Focus Model
    . Tool Chest of coaching skills/Case Scenarios
    . Situational skills of coaching
    . Coaching for motivating others
    .  Managing difficult people
    . Coaching for emotional intelligence 
    . Coaching for employee engagement
    . Coaching the generations
    . Coaching practice and feedback sessions

Diagnostic measures will be administered and reviewed with attendees.

Instructional Materials will be provided.