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Coaching Circle

A Coaching Circle is a group of like-minded individuals - executives, leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs who act as catalysts for growth and insight by leveraging the power of their collective intelligence.  The benefits of a Coaching Circle are mutual support, differing perspectives, resources, and, accountability.

As members of the group, you navigate through challenges or difficult situations by "leaning in", "being advisors", "playing devil'ís advocate", and, by virtue of the latter, becoming more aware of your own style of leadership, greater clarity of the situation at hand,  and an understanding of how to create an action plan to resolve the issue(s).

Coaching Circles provide an opportunity to develop new skills while working with a group of peers experiencing similar challenges and, ultimately, successes.  A Coaching Circle spurs motivation in that you stretch beyond your boundaries and "think outside the box."  Participants will reflect, explore, and learn, while supporting one another in action.

Each time we meet, one member of the Coaching Circle will pick a topic and the coach will make sure that the group is focused and no one is interrupted.  Each member of the group will have an opportunity to record the meeting and send the report to all the members.

To become a member of a Coaching Circle, you first complete an application to make sure that we, as well as the other members of the group, acquire an understanding of why becoming a member is important to you.  Because of its very group-oriented nature, commitment and loyalty are required.

A Coaching Circle meets once a month and lasts for two hours.

Please contact Dr. Zina Suissa at if you are interested in collaborating in a Coaching Circle.