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L/MWS (1) Power of Appreciative Inquiry


Appreciative Inquiry proposes that within every human grouping or system, people have experienced periods of exceptional performance and achievement, although these times tend to be forgotten.  Appreciative creates a framework for systematically recalling the behaviors, attitudes, and emotions that were present during these "peak experiences" or exceptional achievements.  It is through the exploration of "what has gone right" that new insights can be arrived at which can refashion the culture of a system. Dr. David Cooperrider, Case Western Reserve University
As an individual -
Do you want to maximize your skills and strengths to achieve exceptional results?

As a team leader -
Would you like to learn a participative, energizing way to create change in your team?

As a leader -
Are you interested in enhancing your leadership skills in order to bring out the best in others?

The Appreciative Inquiry (AI) workshop will help you to understand a proven method for analysis, decision-making, and the creation of strategic change.  This method encourages a culture of inquiry to create a shared vision leading to positive change and sustainable results in the organization.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . understand the theoretical underpinnings of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) -
the five principles and 5-D model of Appreciative Inquiry (define, discover, dream, design, and delivery)
    . reflect on the power of words and inner dialogue in order to transform perception and reality
    . learn how to make the shift from looking at problems and deficiencies to focusing on strengths and successes
in order to initiate "what could be"
    . illuminate the relationship between Appreciative Inquiry and power in the organization
    . explore ways to apply Appreciative Inquiry in your organization

This interactive workshop will create a paradigm shift from "what'ís wrong to what'ís right" and help you view the world through an appreciative lens.

Through a "coach approach", we will craft Appreciative Inquiry questions for each phase of the 5-D model as an individual, team leader, and leader.

Instructional Material will be provided.