Corporate / Institutional Training


L/MWS (10) Leadership Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, and Growth Mindset


As a leader, are you able to adapt to adversity, crises, threats or significant sources of stress that you experience?

As a resilient leader, you play a crucial role in the collective culture of your organization.  Considering your responsibilities, the need to expend emotional energy, maintain self-control, and positively influence the attitudes and engagement in your role of leader, is their time for renewal?

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . develop a personal vision of your leadership
    . identify the core values that define and guide your leadership vision
    . examine your willingness to take risks, collaborate, and facilitate change
    . learn the language of empowerment and how to use it
    . examine the resources you have to "bounce back" in times of adversity
    . retain your humility: sense of what is possible and how long change takes
    . recalibrate - self-monitor, assess/reiterate what happened in order to re-engage
    . understand the building blocks of resilience
    . how do you perceive your own and others' emotions
    . identify leadership behaviors associated with each domain of emotional intelligence
    . explore the role of grit, hardiness, and mindset
    . leverage your leadership strengths to optimize performance

This workshop is designed for leaders who want to optimize their own performance, leverage their emotional intelligence, and acquire tools and techniques to develop a growth mindset that leads to excellence.  Practical techniques will be provided to build up your "hardiness" factor as well as helping you to develop inner strength and emotional control.  

Leadership and resilience measures will be administered and discussed.

Instructional Material will be provided.