Corporate / Institutional Training


L/MWS (9) Insights into Employee Motivation and Commitment


One cannot argue that the most valuable asset in a company is a stable, reliable, competent, and dedicated workforce.  This gives a company a competitive advantage and knowledge gives an organization strength.  Lack of motivation impedes performance and employee morale.  Autonomy, stability, challenge, purpose, and affiliation are key motivators that drive behavior.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . causes of employees becoming disengaged
    . identify beliefs that fuel emotional turbulence
    . identify the role of values
    . intrinsic rewards as powerful motivators as opposed to extrinsic rewards
    . challenge people to step outside of the comfort of their comfort zone
    . examine the effects of different leadership styles
    . the role of personality in motivation
    . what are different motivational profiles
    . examine ways for employees to become optimally self-reliant and achieve emotional mastery
    . adapt specific actions to instill trust and facilitate greater collaboration and productivity
    . reframe potential conflicts and mediate to resolution
    . identify and apply strategies for dealing with outside pressures that negatively affect motivation
    . going from fixed mindset to growth mindset

This workshop will incorporate a teaching component - introducing motivational theories as well as a discussion of the importance of goal setting, job characteristics, and decision making.

A coaching model will be introduced to demonstrate how using effective questions can keep the focus on both individual needs and corporate objectives.  It is our goal to help you build your own toolbox that will encourage growth and development.

Instructional Material will be provided.