Corporate / Institutional Training


L/MWS (8) Leading with Gravitas: Power, Influence, and Authoritative Leadership


Are you aware that some leaders have a natural affinity to lead? Are you able to influence your employees and still emanate reference power (being trusted and respected as a leader)? Do you lead with gravitas - courage, communication, and composure?

When interviewed and asked to share one quality that defines a highly successful leader, Peter Drucker, business thinker and prolific author, postulated that"the task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths in ways that make a system'ís weaknesses irrelevant."

Crafting a resonant, resilient workplace requires authentic emotional leadership.  Some of the qualities of a great leader is having the capacity to be self-aware, engage and influence, build organizational capability, and create a resonant culture.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

    . create and effectively communicate a positive, realistic vision
    . awareness of your own ability to influence and engage direct reports/teams
    . motivate and inspire direct reports to reach their potential
    . focus on effective interpersonal skills
    . anticipate and have the facility to manage conflicts
    . know how to break down the silo mentality
    . instill trust: trust as the workplace currency
    .  recognize the power of emotional intelligence
    . realize the influence of authoritative leadership (high power, low affiliation)
    . transactional vs transformational leadership (4 L'ís of transformational leadership)
    . examine power bases and their impact as influence tactics
    . reiterate your own positional and personal power bases

Leading with gravitas encompasses leading with confidence and authenticity.  By gaining an understanding of your own leadership through facets of power, influence, and leadership style, you will refine your leadership, and, in turn, catalyze change.  Several measures will be administered and reviewed.

Instructional Material will be provided.