Corporate / Institutional Training


L/MWS (6) Building a Culture of Employee Engagement (Part I)


Are you part of a corporate culture wherein people are enthusiastic, able to voice their opinions, and align themselves with organizational goals?

Employee engagement is how an employee "shows up" cognitively, emotionally, and physically.  It is the extent to which employees thrive at work, are committed, and motivated to do their best for their own benefit and for the organization.

Key Content and Learning Outcomes

Gallup research ( has defined employee engagement with regards to executing the following behaviors:

    . human needs to thrive and flourish
    . emotional intelligence in relation to employee engagement
    . consistent levels of high performance
    . natural innovation and drive for efficiency
    . intentional building for supportive relationships
    . clarity with regard to the desired outcomes of their role
    . high energy and enthusiasm
    . rational and emotional commitment to the company, work group, and role
    .  significance of culture in building and sustaining employee engagement

The workshop on "Building a Culture of Employee Engagement" (Part I) and "Leadership Route to Increased Employee Engagement" (Part II) have been designed to help you to develop a corporate culture of employee engagement, as well as optimizing the value of human capital.  In addition to Gallup'ís behavioral components, facets of the workplace will be considered in order to help you to reach new performance levels in relation to communication, motivation, autonomy, competence, personality type, character strengths, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset.

The Gallup Q12 will be administered and reviewed.

A "coach approach" to increase employee engagement will be demonstrated in Part I (Building a Culture of Employee Engagement) and Part II (Leadership Route to Increased Employee Engagement) in order to heighten engagement, enhance relationships, accelerate performance, and build stronger connections.

Instructional Material will be provided.